Industrial Water Treatment Companies

Industrial Water Treatment Companies

There are many Industrial Water Treatment Companies which claim to treat process water/cooling towers with alternative, non-chemical water treatment. Many claim to be able to raise cycles, perform without supplemental added chemicals, or promise to remove scale. However, few have the proven history and record, accompanied by testimonials and scientific articles to an award winning technology, as Dynamic Water Technologies does with the UET reactor.

We are finalists in the 2016 High Impact Technology Catalyst competition held by the Department of Energy, National Renewable Energies Laboratories, and Government Services Agencies. Installing our system allows the building in question to be eligible for several LEED credits.

Why Our Systems Are Better!

Unlike other systems, the UET reactor will work across all ranges of water compositions and conditions. Our technology can be used for, but is not limited to, applications such as data centers, high rise buildings, hospitals, power plants, and more. We are capable of handling water whose conductivity ranges from 300 uS to 1900 uS, which fluctuates daily in Phoenix Arizona. Because our computer takes data from the water every 6 milliseconds, we remove all human aspects from water treatment.

Under full automation, the water remains constantly in balance, scale-less, incapable of corrosion, and free from bio-contamination. Unlike magnet systems or radio-frequency water treatment, the UET reactor has proven science documented in many scientific journals. It is undergoing constant study by the Government Services Agency as an alternative method to treat cooling towers.

In terms of industrial water treatment, there does not exist another technology like the UET reactor. It is efficient, effective, simple, and all-encompassing. The UET reactor can be retrofitted to existing systems, or it can be put in-line on existing systems. Each application is specially tailored towards the client, such that we guarantee full satisfaction alongside a 90-day money back guarantee.

The maintenance of the reactors is minimal, needing to be cleaned once every three months. It can be done in as little as five minutes a reactor, and the treatment is completely non-hazard – the Israelis use the precipitated scale as a salt lick for the cows on farms. Under the annual service contract that Dynamic Water Technologies offers (renewable every year), the warranty of the system can be extended up to 20 years, including consumables.

It is Proven.

The science is proven, well documented, and tried in all sorts of various industries. Our customer list includes impressive names such as Coca-Cola, Boeing, Nestle, Hewlett Packard, and Siemens. We can deliver on all of our promises, even when they seem too good to be true. The ROI of our systems are always under 2 years, and in many applications can save the money needed for the equipment and installation within the first 14 months.

Installation is Easy

Installation is easy, as the reactors come in skids and are relatively compact. As stated, it can be retrofitted or added in-line. We will eliminate all biomass in basins within a few days from startup, and will have visible scale removal within 45 days. We have nearly 6000 installations alongside 25 years of experience, and are able to handle all complications thrown at us. If you give us a scenario where you actually find the limit of our technology, we will specifically engineer a solution to solve your water treatment challenge.

Let Us Prove it to you

All we ask is the ability to prove ourselves. That is why we include our no-questions asked money back guarantee. We want to show the world that there is a new standard for industrial water treatment companies, and that the acceptable norm right now is obsolete when it comes to water treatment technology. Water is Earth’s most precious resource, and it is becoming more scarce by the day. It is time we accept the responsibility to do something about it.