Pat McMahon interviews Mike Boyko for AZTV Ch. 7

AZTV’s Pat McMahon interviews Dynamic Water Techologies’ CEO, Mike Boyko, and Banner Health’s chief corporate engineer, Dan Dupaix to help explain the innovative technology.

Dupaix estimated that Banner Health with the portfolio of 17 sites to have the DWT equipment will be saving Banner Health a total of 104M gallons of water a year. That’s enough water saved to fill the Rose Bowl Stadium one and a quarter times.

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Scottsdale tech firm puts the chill on clients’ water bills

Michael Boyko spent most of his career in pollution control systems, but a few years ago he began hearing more about water scarcity issues. He started looking for technologies to help companies conserve water and discovered David Sherzer, founder and president of an Israeli company called Universal Environmental Technology. “I uncovered this technology on Linkedin…

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Lake Mead Water Levels

You should notice a pattern of rapidly varying water height in the Lake Mead chart above from 1935 until the mid-1960s, after which the water level became more consistent in the short term. My theory is this smoothing was caused by the fact that Lake Powell, upstream from Lake Mead, began to fill in 1966,…

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Phoenix May Soon Become Uninhabitable

In Phoenix, you don’t ask: What could go wrong? You ask: What couldn’t?

And that’s the point, really. Phoenix’s multiple vulnerabilities, which are plenty daunting taken one by one, have the capacity to magnify one another, like compounding illnesses. In this regard, it’s a quintessentially modern city, a pyramid of complexities requiring large energy inputs to keep the whole apparatus humming.

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