Powell Water has been engineering and commissioning wastewater treatment systems for more than 40 years. The Powell process eliminates the need for costly chemical treatment systems and improves the performance of existing filtration systems. By removing the primary contaminants, heavy metals, and scale forming minerals, overall system life and efficiency are dramatically increased. We enhance our customers’ existing infrastructure to safeguard the environment by preserving resources, reducing operating costs, maximizing up-time, conserving water, and reducing energy consumption. Our customers are able to operate in a more socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Electrocoagulation technology can be used by power plants, refineries, industrial manufacturers, food producers, food processors, hotels, agriculture and other industries. Typical uses include cooling tower process water, wastewater, effluent streams, of chemical treatment of cooling towers, heat exchangers, chillers and related equipment while reducing the evaporative losses. Systems return to design conditions.

Powell Water systems are skid mounted, and are turnkey once installed.  They are designed to easily retrofit into existing systems.  The Powell Water can remove almost any contaminant desired, and will return wastewater to client desired water composition profiles.  Examples of things that can be removed by Powell Water electrocoagulation are: silica, selenium, arsenic, hexavalent chrome, bio-contamination, pesticides, oils, heavy metals, and more.

Onsite testing is available.