We work with nature rather than against it

The three most important factors to manage in process water are:

  1. Scale
  2. Corrosion
  3. Bio-Contamination

The Dynamic Water reactors remove the unstable minerals in water to allow for high cycle rates with reduced scale formations in your towers or heat exchangers. This increases efficiency and extends equipment life.

The DWT process operates at a high pH (8.5-9.0) which protects your equipment against corrosion. Using partial electrolysis, the reactors generate biocides from the natural chlorides in the water providing superior biocide protection against legionella and other bio-contaminants as 70% of the water passes thru a pH of under 7 each time through the reactors.

The resultant water is what we call “Dynamic Equilibrium” – a scale forming composition of water without the ability to scale. Due to a pH of 9, the water is not corrosive.

Our patented technology allows us to increase cycles dramatically, saving you water!


We feature two complete, turnkey, all-encompassing water treatment solutions which can be retrofitted to existing systems.  These best-in-class technologies are sustainable replacements to your current water treatment, and will provide improved efficiency and savings.

Process Water Treatment Technology

Electrochemical Process Water Treatment – The award winning electrochemical process is designed to be skid mounted and easily retrofitted to your existing process. Named the 2016 High Impact Technology Catalyst Finalist by the Department of Energy, NREL, and the GSA, Dynamic Water Technologies’ system will control scale, corrosion, and bio-contamination, while decreasing water and energy consumption, reducing maintenance, and extending equipment useful life.