LA City Hall East


The City of Los Angeles completed their city hall in 1928 as the center of government for the city of Los Angeles, California. It is home to the mayor’s office and several meeting chambers and offices of the Los Angeles City Council. The East Hall, named James K Hanh City Hall East after former mayor James K Hahn, is home to the HVAC plant which supplies cooled water to both the East City Hall and the adjacent building. It is 18-stories, approximately 530,000 ft2, and is home to the first Dynamic Water Technologies’ reactor system used for the City of LA.

Roche Molecular Systems Inc.

Roche Molecular Systems is a diagnostic division of Hoffman-La Roche which manufactures equipment for medical diagnostics. They focus on health care applications for physicians, hospitals, and consumers.


The Pleasanton facility used traditional chemical water treatment. They also used a salt based water softener prior to Dynamic Water’s system in an effort to be more sustainable. They dealt with multiple issues regarding corrosion and bio-contamination. To that end, they sought out Dynamic Water to further their environmental responsibilities by eliminating chemical treatment, removing softener reject (brine) and run higher cooling tower cycles to reduce blowdown thereby saving water.

Recommendation Letter

Marina Heights


The purpose of this report is to show the efficacy of Dynamic Water’s reactor as an alternative water treatment to traditional chemical treatment at Marina Heights, Tempe AZ.

Chandler Fashion Center, Chandler, Arizona


Macerich, an S&P 500 company, is one of the country’s leading owners, operators, and developers of major retail real estate. The company recently was awarded the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts’ (NAREIT) 2017 Retail “Leader in the Light” for an unprecedented fourth straight year due to their sustainability goals – goals which Dynamic Water Technologies is a small part of.

This site is the second largest indoors mall owned by Macerich in Arizona. It houses over 200 outlets in 1.5 million square feet of prime retail space.

National Aeronautics Group


This installation is for a national aeronautics government group which specializes in aerospace development. This site is on a military installation located in California, whose challenges included water scarcity, bio-contamination, and scale issues. They turned to Dynamic Water for a sustainable solution to their water treatment.

Pinal Energy


Pinal Energy, located in Maricopa, AZ, is the first ethanol production facility in Arizona. Beginning production in 2008, the plan provides a local source of ethanol available at a rate of 50 million gallons from roughly 18 million bushels of grain acquired from local producers and from the Midwest. As a zero liquid discharge facility, everything at the site is recycled. The CO2 is even captured and recycled for soft drink, dry ice, and hydroponics. The DWT was installed in February of 2018.

Thrifty Ice Cream

Thrifty Ice Cream has been known and well-loved in the West coast for their cylinder-shaped scoops and unique flavors. They have made the traditional California dessert a sure hit to people from all ages with their one-of-a-kind flavors like Chocolate Malted Krunch. They are sold in all Rite Aid stores in California, and are also available to residents and guests around the west coast.


Dynamic Water Technologies (DWT) installed a 4×4 reactor system at Thrifty Rite Aid to eliminate chemicals, remove scale, save water, and deal with the high silica coming in from the makeup water (>20 ppm). While onsite, DWT has identified multiple improvements to the client system including a new controller to regulate blowdown and a real-time monitoring system. The DWT system has been able to eliminate chemicals completely, using only the electrochemical reactors for water treatment.

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